Sellers Guide

Showing Your Home

First Impressions Count

From the first step a buyer takes into your foyer, their perception of your home is set. Flowers or a pretty plant on a foyer table can light the way.


On cold days, a cozy temperature will help sell your home. If you have a gas fireplace, turn it on. On hot days, set the air conditioner cooler than normal. In moderate weather, open windows for fresh air.

Bring Light In

Open all shades, curtains and blinds. Turn on all lights including lamps and overhead fixtures-- even for daytime showings. Make sure you have replaced any dim or burned out bulbs.

Open Pathways

Buyers need help understanding how spacious your home is. So, make sure there are no distractions or obstacles that block their view or passage.


Put away cash, jewelry, valuables and prescription medicine. Keep these items out of harm’s way.

Odors & Aromas

If the temperature allows it, open windows and air out the house every morning. Some odors, such as baking bread, apple pie and cookies have a positive effect on people. Other smells, however, don’t. If you or a family member smokes, please don’t smoke inyour home. And, don’t allow guests to smoke while your home is on the market. Sometimes stale tobacco odors can be masked with some odor sprays.


Make a plan to remove your pet while the house is being shown. If necessary, crate your pet while buyers view your home. The best situation is for your pet to visit a friend on the days heavy traffic is expected. If you have a dog, please clean the yard on a daily basis. If you have a cat, change the litter box daily, and consider moving it to the garage. Realtors cannot be responsible for the safety or security of your pets.

Setting the Stage


Determine what personal
property is to remain.

Compass Concierge

Increase the value of your home with select cosmetic improvements that will net at least a 2:1 return. Related costs advanced by Compass.

Design Staging

Elevate the aesthetic of the home with professional design staging.

Professional Photography

Complete full photoshoot of the property.
Floor Plan Measurements

Schedule an architect to measure and draw custom floor plans of the property for use in marketing materials.

Compass Launch

Compass Coming Soon

Feature the listing on before it even goes live. This is a great way to peak interest, gauge pricing, and get a feel for demand.

Compass Coming Soon Agent Property Announcement

Use internal Compass agent communication to announce property.

Finalize Brochure, Floor Plans, and Virtual Tour

Use photography, copywriting, and Compass’ design team, to create marketing materials for your property.

Send Brochure + Virtual Tour to Compass Agents

Send a marketing email to Compass agents to elicit further excitement.

Realtor Launch

Top Agent Property Announcement

Market upcoming listing to top agents.

Personal Outreach to Top-Agents

Send personal emails to top agents in the DC Metro area.

Feature on

Feature the property live on

E-brochure Sent to Agent Community

Send new listing announcement to area agents who have represented buyers or sellers in the neighborhood over the last 12 months.

Feature on Compass’

East Region Workplace

Post this property in the East Region

Workplace page, which has about 5,500 real estate agents from all across the East Coast.

Public Launch

MLS Upload

Upload property details to MLS.

Property Available for Appointment

Make property available for agents to show by appointment only.


Property is syndicated to 3rd party sites such as Zillow and

Launch Social Media Campaign

Post property to various social media platforms using photo assets. Create a targeted social ad campaign to reach prospective buyers.

Launch Print Media

Feature listing ads in publications.

Direct Mail Campaign

Send a series of property direct mailers throughout the DC Metro Area.

Broker Open House

Invite fellow agents to tour the home and bring their buyers.

Public Open House

Host two public open houses on Saturday and Sunday.

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